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Welcome to the website of the Manitoba Information and Privacy Adjudicator. This website explains the role of the adjudicator, provides links to relevant legislation, reports, orders and to other jurisdictions.

When the Ombudsman has made a request to the head of a public body (which is defined to mean a department, government agency, the Executive Council Office, the office of a minister, and a local public body, but not including the office of a Member of the Legislative Assembly who is not a minister, the office of an officer of the Legislative Assembly, or The Court of Appeal, the Court of Queen's Bench or the Provincial Court), if the head of the public body:

  1. refuses to take action;
  2. does not take action within the required time; or
  3. does not respond to the Ombudsman as required under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or The Personal Health Information Act upon receipt of a recommendation of the Ombudsman under either Act;
the Ombudsman may ask the adjudicator to review a matter.

Following review, the adjudicator disposes of the issue by making an order. The head of the public body concerned must comply with the adjudicator's order subject to judicial review. Copies of orders are made available to the public.